Details on the origin of the documents in this document database


Notes and details on the origin of the documents available for free download in this document database for the sustainable development of developing countries:


The origin and source documents, included in this document database are:


1) Internet: Most of these documents were found or can be downloaded from the internet.

2) The site of the BNF Gallica, where there are many old books to download _ in agriculture, gardening ....

3) The Google books site, which offers books to download, when these books are in the public domain.

4) The site which offers you 30000 university training, in free access,

5) The site which give you access to all the documentation on rural development and on environment in Madagascar (~10000 documents),

6) Sites Practical Action (, the Association of Engineers Without Borders (ASBL) (, the "Potager sustainable" ( of INTERAIDE ( Solidarités International (, the NGO WATERAID (, the NGO Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) ( organization UNICEF (, the UNDP organization (, the FAO organization ( &,  New Zealand Digital Library (, GRET ( etc. etc.

7) Most computer books were found at: it-boo… _ a web site which is now closed or it will be closed[1] _ and on the Internet network.

8) Authors who authorities have me to upload their work on the Internet or have already uploaded for free download on the Internet (but if the other co-authors or publisher ask me to withdraw, I withdraw it from my website).


My two main criteria for the document to be available in / on my documentary basis:


a) It is of great interest for sustainable development to / from developing countries,

b) the document or book have never been reissued and they will never be reprinted.


In general, if I get an email (an author or a publisher) asking me to withdraw the book from my site (ie my database), I withdraw without problems (see my address email below).

I would never put any online book on my site (in my database) if they are a significant source of income for their authors (if they make them live).




Benjamin LISAN

Email: benjamin.lisan (at)


PS. As visitors to the documentary basis have seen, all the books I myself drafted, is they all offered free for free download.

Note: Some people have already made reproaches me, considering me already as a great "naive".


This is certainly, indeed, a true party (!):

a) indeed, I have never received many thanks from Africans who have used them (or much used them)

b) In addition, sites attracted me my African crooks who have scammed me (the worst of which was the director of an agro-ecological Beninese association). These are, after all, beneficial experiences.


Anyway, I consider that the public interest comes before my little private interest. My view of life is an anti-selfishness vision. You can even download all of your content (documentary database with a "web vacuum").


Otherwise, I think, whatever you do, he will always be people who will reuse your work for their benefit, without thanking you, or even in "appropriated by" fatherhood. You cannot escape the copy of your own work. The most serious risk is that this is a crook who reuses your job to mount scams (as was the case with this director of a Beninese association, cited above).

And, except at the risk of falling into paranoia without risking falling into paranoia, this is a hazard that must accept the possibility (if not, you risk making bad blood, to live in frustration, unending …).

This, at least, the humble point of view or opinion that I defend.

[1] According to O’Reilly Editor “Please be advised that this site is not an authorized distributor of O'Reilly Media books. We would request that you not further display that site as we are currently working to have the site removed although the process has been lengthy”.